Module: TSUI.Data
Extends: None
Exported: Yes

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Defines the structure for a binding group. A binding group is a collection of data bindings (one or more) and an associated updater. It provides an easy way to block update data bindings.

Public Properties

DataBindings: TSUI.Collections.IList<Data.IDataBinding<any, any>>;
The list of data bindings in the group.
Updater: Data.IDataUpdater;
The data updater associated with the group.

Public Methods

UpdateAllBindings(abortOnFailure?: boolean): boolean
Forces the data updater to update all the bindings in the group.
  • OPTIONAL abortOnFailure: boolean - Whether to abort updating bindings if a binding fails to update.
  • Returns: boolean - Whether the update completed successfully (all bindings must complete successfuly for this to be true.)

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