Module: TSUI.UI
Extends: IControl
Exported: Yes

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Defines a Tile control.

Public Properties

Backgrounds: TSUI.Collections.IList<UI.ITileBackground>;
The list of backgrounds for the tile.
Counter: UI.ITileCounter;
The counter control for the tile.
IconBox: UI.ITileIcon;
The icon for the tile.
MaxTime: number;
The maximum length of tile (in ms) to show a background for.
MinTime: number;
The minimum length of time (in ms) to show a background for.
NameLabel: UI.ILabel;
The name label for the tile.
ShouldCycle: boolean;
Whether the backgrounds should cycle or not.
TextLabel: UI.ILabel;
The text label for the tile.

Public Methods

ShowCounter(value?: boolean): boolean
Gets or sets whether to show the tile counter.
  • OPTIONAL value: boolean - Whether to show the counter or not.
  • Returns: boolean - Whether the counter is shown or not.
Size(value?: UI.TileSizes): UI.TileSizes
Gets or sets the tile size.
  • OPTIONAL value: UI.TileSizes - The value to set the size to.
  • Returns: TSUI.UI.TileSizes - The actual tile size.
Type(value?: UI.TileTypes): UI.TileTypes
Gets or sets the tile type.
  • OPTIONAL value: UI.TileTypes - The value to set the type to.
  • Returns: TSUI.UI.TileTypes - The actual tile type.


Note: Actual tile sizes and implementation varies from this diagram though it is a reasonable guide.
TSUI - Tiles.png

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