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Welcome to TypeScriptUI™

TypeScriptUI™ is a user-interface library written in TypeScript language. It is in Windows 8 Style and provides a powerful structure for creating HTML5/CSS3 web-based apps with an app/window-based design structure. It works in any HTML5 capable browser (subject to limitations of host PC) but also includes fallbacks for IE9 and Opera.

This project is not supported by or associated with Microsoft or any of their partners.


TypeScript UI
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Source Code

All source code is provided as-is without warranty. We do ask, however, that if you use it to build a web app, please let the Project Founder know (Edward Nutting) and if you make modifications to the code (particularly bug fixes) please submit patches or notify developers via the Issue Tracker.


Download the development bundle and transfer the files to your web server. Then just start developing your app! See the Documentation for a more detailed guide.


There are several ways to contribute to TypeScript UI:
Code contributions are not currently being accepted while TypeScriptUI™ gains its footing in the community. Also in development are new tools to help build UI's with TypeScript UI faster and more easily, for example, a web-based Visual Designer - to do what Visual Studio did for desktop, for the web.


For more information, tutorials, demos, sample code and more, please see our Documentation pages.

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