Creating new documentation

6th August 2013

Creating new documentation is easy but to maintain quality certain guidelines should be followed. There are two types of documentation to consider:

1. Technical Documentation

There are two aspects to writing technical documentation:
  1. Inline documentation - This is documentation within the code. If you are writing technical documentation you are required to submit patch files for the relevant code files with the inline documentation. Inline documentation uses JSDoc - you should add JSDoc information for classes, interfaces, methods, properties, constructors and any other publicly visible or exported code.
  2. Online documentation - This is the documentation wiki here on CodePlex. The documentation is auto-generated using Edward Nutting's --documentation option addition to the TS compiler. See the Tools page for more info.

2. Tutorials / Information pages

Tutorials and information pages have broadly no standard apart from the following preferences:
  • Pages should start with a heading which is their name. Wiki formatting: !! PAGE_NAME
  • Pages should (somewhere) be dated with date of last relevance or update
  • Pages should use separators between significant sections (Wiki formatting: ---- ) - see this page as an example.
  • Sub-headings within the page should use proper headings with multiples of 2 exclamation marks starting with 2. This currently includes: !!!!, !!!!!!

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