Module: TSUI.Logging
Extends: None
Exported: Yes

Associated source files:


Defines the structure for a logger. Loggers are used to record trace information.

Public Properties

Enabled: boolean;
Whether the logger is enabled or not.
OnLog: TSUI.Events.TextChangeEvent;
Text changed event for when a log is added. Sender object is the added log (not a control).
TraceTypesToShow: string[];
The types of trace to output logs for.

Public Methods

GetFullLog(): string
Gets the text for all the logs in the logger.
  • Returns: string -
Log(log: Logging.ILog): void
Adds a log to the logger.
  • log: Logging.ILog -
  • Returns: void -
WriteLine(text: string)
Writes a line to the console and adds a text-only log.
  • text: string -

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