Module: TSUI.UI
Extends: IControl
Exported: Yes

Associated source files:


Defines a Notification control.

Public Properties

CloseButton: UI.IButton;
The notification's close button.
OnClose: TSUI.Events.CloseEvent;
Fired when the notification is closed.

Public Methods

ShowFor(seconds: number, callback?: () => void, animator?: TSUI.Animation.IAnimator): void
Shows the notification for the specified amount of time using the specified animator to show/hide.
  • seconds: number - The number of seconds to show the notification for.
  • OPTIONAL callback: () => void - The callback to call when the notification is shown.
  • OPTIONAL animator: TSUI.Animation.IAnimator -
  • Returns: void - Void.
Text(value?: string): string
Gets or sets the text of the notification.
  • OPTIONAL value: string - The value to set the text to.
  • Returns: string - The actual value of the text.
_Restack(): void
Internal method for restacking notifications when one or more closes. Do not use externally.
  • Returns: void -

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