Module: TSUI.UI
Extends: IControl
Exported: Yes

Associated source files:


Defines a SplitContainer control.

Public Properties

MainSplitterGrip: UI.ISplitterGrip;
The main splitter grip for the control.
Panel1: UI.IPanel;
The top or left panel of the split container.
Panel2: UI.IPanel;
The bottom or right panel of the split container.

Public Methods

Orientation(value?: UI.SplitterGrip_Orientations): UI.SplitterGrip_Orientations
Gets or sets the splitter orientation.
  • OPTIONAL value: UI.SplitterGrip_Orientations - The value to set the splitter grip orientation to.
  • Returns: TSUI.UI.SplitterGrip_Orientations - The actual value of the splitter grip orientation.

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