Version 1.0.4


This waypoint will concentrate on:
  • Introducing static UI description files and associated classes/interfaces for loading them.
    • Static UI description files will let you use static objects to specify your layout/design/event handler names. They will act a bit like .designer.cs files in Win Forms.
    • Completed
  • Proper Logging code
    • Intention is for this to be debug logging code
    • Logs will have various bits of data attached:
      • Type (e.g. Data Trace, Call Trace, etc.)
      • Message
    • Options for turning off logging on different levels will be included.
    • Logging code will be usable in apps not just internally.
    • Initial version complete
  • Proper Exceptions code
    • Exceptions namespace exists but has never been utilised.
    • New code will be added to add a proper exceptions system including:
      • Exceptions classes and functions
      • Stack tracing
      • Proper logging of exceptions
    • Options will be included for:
      • Turning off safe-handling of exceptions
      • Turning off exceptions
      • Production-app exception recovery
  • Library improvements:
    • Notification stacking height should be stored per-window (Fixed)
      • Test case:
        • Open 2 windows
        • Open a notification in one window
        • Immediately after, open a notification in the other window
        • The second notification will appear too high (as though it were stacked above the first notification)
      • Fix: Store current stack height per-window instead of globally.
    • Performance analysis and improvements (Completed)
      • Using Google Chrome JS/CSS profilers on Sample Apps and Demo App
  • Improve inline-documentation (and associated online documentation)
    • Specifically: added inline and online documentation for interfaces and enumerables in TSUI.UI module.

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